Find a Better Mortgage Acquires Domain Spear Mortgage .ca

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FABM is proud to announce the acquisition of the domain Spear Mortgage was a top private mortgage lender based out of Oakville Ontario and their former domain is a perfect addition to our roster of web properties.

“The acquisition of is a great opportunity for FABM [] to expand its reach and better serve the Canadian market. Our goal as always is to help Canadians find the best mortgage possible for their situation and with this strong foothold in the Oakville and the Toronto market, we’re fortunate to be better equipped than ever to do so.”
Peter – Founder at

They prided themselves in providing clients with reliable mortgage solutions that fit both their lifestyles and price points. As a full-service provider, they offered a variety of solutions from first-tier mortgages for new properties as well as second-tier mortgages to allow people to pull some equity from their properties.

A unique selling feature of Spear Mortgage’s offering included financing for smaller first-time purchases such as RVs. They also promoted the possibility of a third mortgage subject to existing first and second mortgage liens.

It is important to note that FABM purchased the domain exclusively from a third party and did not acquire the company Spear Mortgage, or any of its other assets, responsibilities, or liabilities. We are not in communication with SM and any inquiries regarding business dealing with them should be taken up directly with their team.