Mortgage Resources

Here is a list of other sites and resources to help you make the best mortgage decision possible.

  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
    The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (or CMHC) is a national agency designed to help inform home buyers about purchase details, financing options, mortgage insurance, etc. There are even resources for after you own a property and are looking to renovate or rent it out.


  • Statistics Canada
    A great source of verified information regarding population movement, housing density, rental regions and other property-related statistics. Be careful, you can fall down a rabbit hole here and find information on a huge variety of things!


  • Canadian Consumer Information Gateway
    This is a joint government project which combines federal and local agency information. It attempts to provide information and solutions to a variety of issues homeowners may face such as complaint filing with new builders, mortgage and housing calculators, etc.


  • Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
    The CRA or Canada Revenue Agency really needs no introduction. This Canadian government agency manages financial revenue details within the country. They also manage your registered trading accounts such as TFSA or RRSP. If you're looking to purchase a home or investment property, you can use this link to learn more about financing the purchase by using existing funds in one of your registered accounts.


  • Find a Better Mortgage Canada
    Admittedly, this one is a bit of a shameless self-promoting plug. We really do want to help you find the best options possible for your needs and will continue to build our mortgage resources. Whether you're looking for a quote or some blog content, we're here for you!

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