3 Key Benefits Of Having A Mortgage Planner

mortgage planner benefits
When you start your journey to owning your new home and property, part of this journey may be to seek a financial loan in the form of your mortgage. A mortgage is a substantial financial commitment and in most instances a very long term commitment. The same way that there are personal shoppers and key persons to help you get things done, Guess What? There are also Mortgage Planners around to help you on your mortgage journey, and to ease some of the stress and hassle of it all. Mortgage planners help you with your mortgage shopping, finding you the best lender available and the greatest benefits to suit your needs.

Who Is A Mortgage Planner For?

The simple answer? Anyone who wants to finance a property through a mortgage. They help the borrower to have as advantageous a position as possible and help make it easier to qualify for a mortgage. This all saves you the hassle of shopping around some of the tedious admin bits. The mortgage planner can help you in your application to your loan. Additionally, they may have access to loans and lenders and terms not available in the general public domain.

The Benefits Of Having A Mortgage Planner

Along with mortgage shopping, this forms part of your team in assisting in your financial planning and goals. Finding terms that integrate well with your short and long-term financial process. This is what they do:

They Make Your Goals Their Business

Naturally you are the key priority of the mortgage planner. Mortgages come in all forms and sizes. Just the mere thought can stress you out, and make you feel dunted. It is through their wide experience, and keeping your goals at the forefront, the mortgage planner helps you navigate the maze and share the advice that best fits your needs. They can assist in helping to find the best offer all depending on your deposit amount as well as your income and even other personal financial circumstances.

Your Mortgage Planner Saves You The Legwork

considering mortgage optionsGetting a mortgage is quite an involved process. From some perspectives you will have to sift through various lenders. Along with this is requesting mortgage quotes, as well as analyzing all of the information for you to be able to make a decision. This decision process may need an expert in the field, and this is where your mortgage planner comes in. Even for those purchasing their second or even third home it can still be nerve-wracking. The planner holds your hand as you go through, and makes sure that all of your paperwork is together as well.

Capitalizing on Their Relationship With The Lender

Mortgage planners work with various lenders everyday. That is their core business. They are therefore very likely to have well established relationships across financial institutions. Even if you have a poor credit score, you can possibly under the guidance of the mortgage planner still work up to acquiring a mortgage. This may be enhanced because of the relationship with the mortgage planner as the go-between.

Another form of leverage, may include saving on some of the fees as your mortgage planner works on your behalf, or even custom interest rates and some flexibility in terms.  

When Should You Get A Mortgage Planner?

From the moment you have considered acquiring your new home or property, call up your planner. This should happen from the get-go, and you will see the impact almost immediately. Save yourself the legal work, and also gain access and insights to home loans that you didn’t know existed. Be sure to also check around for a mortgage planner that understands you and your needs. Just do some prior research on your own, and even ask a friend or associate.

Remember as soon as you have considered the journey to your new home, and need that financial guidance, get in touch with your mortgage planner. It just might save you some time and money.